The first step is the hardest… At least I hope so!

My name is Reyne! I first became interested in Science at a young age largely through the influence of fantastic teachers (giving me my interest in teaching as a career). Through this path I continued my education completing a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry/Maths) with Honours in Chemistry Education, a Diploma of Education (Senior Years), and a PhD of Chemistry Education. I am passionate when it comes to teaching and learning, and relish the chance to undertake challenges like starting a blog!

This project is something I had been considering for some time. In the teaching world it is important to build and develop a portfolio; a collection of experiences and skills that you can offer to employers or students. Further, in writing this blog I am reflecting upon my experiences; a practice upheld by all lifelong learners. This will allow me both to grow as an educator and to continue to provide current and relevant education perspectives.

So, to the heart of the matter. What is this blog about? Initially, I’ll be using this space to share my experiences in the teaching and research world. These are both highly rewarding areas that are accessible to more people than you may think! This week I will be attending the Australian Conference for Science and Mathematics Education (ACSME) at Monash University, Melbourne. This conference holds a special place for me because when I first attended ACSME, in 2012, it was the first opportunity I had to engage with a large number of peers in my field of research. It had a profound impact on my approach to teaching and the values I now hold for creating an accessible environment for all people who wish to learn.

On the 30th of September I will be travelling to Tokyo, Japan. I have been fortunate to be chosen as one of the eight teachers taking part in the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA) Japan Science Teacher Exchange. During this trip, I will have the opportunity to engage with Japan’s science curriculum and to teach a lesson to a Grade 6 class (with the help of a translator!). I will also visit a number of important Japanese cultural and scientific icons. Stay tuned for more information on these two events!

I hope that this blog will reach a wide audience. I am aiming to share experiences that will appeal to students who have not had the opportunity to travel or visit alternative education institutes. In other posts I intend to offer perspectives or thoughts that will prompt discussion with others interested in these areas!

If this interests you or you would like to get in touch for discussion or collaborative opportunities, please feel free to contact me!

I’m active on Twitter (@reynepullen), Instagram (reynepullen) and am also available by email (

Looking forward, I’m aiming to release a post here on a monthly basis at minimum while maintaining more regular snapshots on Twitter and Instagram. Ideally I would love to grow and develop a wider network of peers and colleagues across the world connected by their passion for education.

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